Jonny Rogers has been committed to music ever since he was five years old, singing songs by a diverse array of performers.  Now at 21, Jonny is singing his own songs, and is requested often to sing in humanitarian settings, also in private and public settings.

Raised in Las Vegas, Jonny is a natural entertainer with limitless talent.  Although he did not begin vocal lessons until he was 12, Jonny experienced tremendous success based on his raw vocal strength during his younger years.  His background in music began in elementary school, when he was repeatedly selected to perform with his school’s Honor Choir as well as the exclusive University of Nevada- Las Vegas Children’s Chorale.  He exuded the confidence of a seasoned performer, which earned him principle leads in chorale performances.  He also made the Nevada State High Honor Choir State selection each year while in high school.

Jonny had earlier competed in the International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) showcase in 2007.  Children throughout the nation vied against one another to present their talent.  Jonny competed with male vocalists, ages 13 to 18, and as the youngest in his division took home the “Runner-Up” title with his rendition of “Home” by Michael Buble.

In 2011, Jonny surpassed thousands of contestants and cuts on the X-FACTOR television show to make it to the taping for the finals in front of a live audience of several thousand people in Dallas, Texas.

As a blossoming pop artist, Jonny has adopted musical similarities to iconic entertainers such as Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.  Jonny’s lyrics are both upbeat and refreshing.  Matched with contemporary beats, his recently released debut album, Soldier, is relevant to an assortment of listeners.

Jonny’s song “Survivor” has played throughout the world in every Abercrombie and Fitch store AND Hollister store.  His song “Soldier” has played on many radio stations throughout the country.

Jonny dedicated himself to the album, working with the producing and songwriting duo Darren Sher and Steve Carlson, as well as mixer Jeff Juliano.  The collaboration reflects his life experiences and personal values.  Sher and Carlson have experienced success individually and as partners in the music industry.  The two created the Sound Parlor, where they have developed an elusive clientele list featuring hit makers such as R. Kelly, Celine Dion and Queen Latifah.  Carlson is credited for both writing and singing songs featured on several hit TV shows including “Men in Trees,” and “Supernatural,” while Sher is famed not only for his extensive work with new and emerging artists, but also as one of the musical directors for the Las Vegas strip show, “Fantasy.”  Juliano is a world-renowned mixer, recognized for his work with the Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, among many other artists.  Jonny also recruited the assistance of music video director, Danny Drysdale, to create his upcoming debut video.  Drysdale is the mastermind behind The Killers music video, “Human.”

Additional thanks to Mark Thomsen, Karen Miskell and Jeff Skousen – Music Instructors and Trainers.